Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 693-Models of Social Identity

Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Masters
Year and Semester: Autumn
Course Length: One semester
Prerequisite(s): None
Language of Instruction: Turkish
ECTS Credits: 7
Instructor: Dr.  Nilüfer Özcan Demir
Course Contents: In the first section of the course, after the discussion of the issues as social identity and how it is constituted; its constitutive factors; the main differences among personality, character and identity, social values-norms and the influences of their relations and interactions on social character are analyzed. As for the second section micro theories and the views of some representative theorists on identity that the students have chosen to write report on, are examined and discussed in detail.
Course Objectives: Throughout the course, students recognize the functions of socio-cultural values and norms as being the fundamental components of social structure, and they evaluate these functions’ main role on the construction of social identity. Students explain the role of different social values and norms on the formation of social identity and they analyze the process of social identity formation by means of regarding micro approaches and the models their representative theorists put forward.
Teaching Method: The first section: lecturing; the second section: the students are to make research, to prepare research paper and to present it, to participate in and to discuss throughout the presentation  
Assessment Method: Assignment reports (50%) and one final report (50%)
Recommended Reading List:
Giddens, Anthony (1990) The Consequences of Modernity Polity Cambridge
---------------------- (1971) Capitalism and Modern Social Theory: An Analysis of the Writings of M Eng. Univ. Cambridge 
----------------------. (2002) Modernity and Self-identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age Polity          Cambridge, UK
Goffman, Erving, (1973) The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life Overlook Pr. New York
Mead, George Herbert, (1964)   On Social Psychology: Selected Papers Univ. of Chicago
Gulec, Cengiz. (1989) Türk düşüncesinde ulusal/kültürel kimlik konusu:1970-1986. Bayart, Jean Francois. (1999) Kimlik yanılsaması Metis: Istanbul 

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