Course Contents

Course Code and Title: ANT 103-Introduction to Social Anthropology

Course Type: Compulsory
Course Level: Undergraduate
Year and Semester: First year, Autumn
Course Length: One semester, 3 hours lectures per week
Prerequisite(s): None
Language of Instruction: Turkish
Course Credits: 3 0 3
ECTS Credits: 5
Lecturer: Dr. Balkı Şafak
Course Content:

  1. The scope of anthropology, its subject-matter, methodology and ve basic concepts
  2. The concept and theories of culture
  3. Biological and cultural evolution
  4. The economical and political systems
  5. Culture, personality and gender
  6. Kinship, marriage and family
  7. Religion and Language
  8. Identity, Ethnicity and Race
  9. Applied Anthropology
  10. Contemporary Anthropology

Course Objectives: At the and of the courses, students should be able to

  1. Explain the basic concepts and principles of anthropology
  2. Characterize the basic approaches to explaining culture
  3. Explain the biological and cultural evolution
  4. İnterpret the economic and political varieties of societes and describe how kinship and gender are related to socialization processes
  5. Explain and interpret how belief systems arise, the varieties of belief systems and the interconnections between language and culture
  6. Explain the concepts of identity, ethnicity and “race”
  7. Have an idea about the application areas of anthropology and its position in contemporary world
  8. Interpret the cultural processes in contemporary world

Teaching Method: Lecture, class discussions, films.
Assessment method: Midterm % 40, Participation in class discussions % 20, Final exam % 40
Recommended Reading:
Kottak, Conrad P. 2001. Antropoloji, Çev: H.Ü. Öğretim Üyeleri, Ankara, Ütopya yayınları

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