Autumn Semester Courses

SOS 700 Special Topics

SOS 713 Sociology of Youth                                     

SOS 715 Social Structure of Turkey I               

SOS 717 Social Stratification System in Turkey             

SOS 721 Contemporary Sociological Theories     

SOS 733 Social Problems                                

SOS 741 Organized Crimes                                   

SOS 743 Theories of Social Change                       

SOS 745 Women and Crime                                   

SOS 749 Sociology of Globalization                       

SOS 757 Sociology of Science I                         

SOS 773 Women and World of Employment        

SOS 775 Domestic Violence                                  

SOS 797 Different Socio-Cultural Structures        

Spring Semester Coursess

SOS 700 Special Topics

SOS 716 Social Structure of Turkey II                               

SOS 718 New Currents in Contemporary Sociological Theories    

SOS 728 Sociology of Poverty and Underdevelopment

SOS 732 Recent Developments in Communication and Media      

SOS 736 Total Quality Management and Life Quality      

SOS 744 Comparative Theories of Rural Transformation 

SOS 762 Sociology of Science II                                        

SOS 764 Environmental Sociology                       

SOS 768 Turkish Sociologists                         

SOS 784 Sociological Studies on Crime                              

SOS 798 Socio-Cultural Contacts                                         

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