Ph.D. Programme

Structure of the Program

The programme for Ph.D. studies combines course work with the writing of a thesis.The curriculum consists of elective courses and the students are required to acquire a total of 24 credits with an average score of 3.0 (out of 4) within the first two years of their studies. The undergraduates who are accepted to the programme without having a masters degree should acquire from both masters and Ph.D. courses a minimum of 42 credits within the first three years of their studies. With the approval of the head of the Department, the students can take some of the elective courses from other departments. Those who fail to complete their course work in two years are dismissed. Upon completion of their course work, students are required to take a Ph.D. proficiency exam assessing the level of their performance in sociological theory, research methods and the theoretical and empirical issues related to the topic of their intended Ph.D. research. Successful students are initially granted a two year period to produce their theses based on original research and making a genuine contribution either to the advancement of science or to formulation of a social policy that may help to cope with a significant social problem. In termly meetings, a Ph.D. review committee consisting of the supervisor and two other staff oversees the progress that the student is making and may, at the end of the second year of thesis writing, grant the satisfactory student an extra two years to complete his/her work. The thesis produced must be defended by the student before a jury whose decision rests on majority vote.

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