Ph.D. Programme

Entrance Requirements

Applicants are required to have obtained at least an average of 70 points (out of 100) from the oral entrance exams organized by the Department. These applicants can be (a) either those who hold a masters degree with an average academic score of 3.2 out of 4 (or its equivalent) in the social, political, administrative, economic, and psychological sciences or humanities or (b) graduates whose qualifications apart from having a masters degree satisfy all other other criteria and who wish to combine their masters studies with Ph. D. For this second kind of applicants a different programme is organized by the Department, as explained under Structure of the Programme. All applicants are required to have obtained a minimum of 60 points from the Postgraduate Study Exam (ALES), and at least 70 points or equivalent from the Foreign Language Exam(s) (KPDS or ÜDS), which are organized by the Student Selection and Placement Centre. Alternatively, the applicants may take TOEFL or IELTS exams in which case they need to obtain a score of 74 or 7.5, respectively. The applicants can include reference letters in their application files if they wish.

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