Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 764-Environmental Sociology

Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Ph.D.
Year and Semester: Spring
Course Length: One semester
Prerequisite(s): None
Language of Instruction: Turkish
Course Credits: 3 0 3
ECTS Credits: 10
Lecturer: Dr. Vildan Akan
Course Objective: At the end of this course the students know a broad overview of the major issues addressed by environmental sociologist.
Course Contents: Principles of human ecology are presented in the context of the relationships of population, organization and technology within the human environment. Particular attention is given to the consideration of population and community ecology models to the study of social organization.
Teaching Method: Lectures. also each student presents a paper
Assessment Method: Paper (60%), written exams (40%)
Recommended Reading List:
Bookchin, M. (1980) Toward an Ecological Society, Quebec: Black Rose Books.
Buttel, F. H. (1986) “Sociology and the Environment: The Winding road toward Human Ecology”, International Social Science Journal 38(3): 337-356.
_____ (1987) “New Directions in Environmental Sociology” Annuel Review of Sociology, 13:465-488.
Giddens, A. (1984) The Constitution of Society, Cambridge: Polity Press.
Redcliff, M. And Woodgate, G. (ed) (1995) Sociology of the Environment, Vol. III. Brookfield: Edward Elgar Pub. Company.
Smil, Vaclav (1993) Global Ecology, London: Routledge.

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