Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 745-Women and Crime

Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Ph.D.
Year and Semester: Autumn
Course Length: One semester
Prerequisite(s): None
Language of Instruction: Turkish
ECTS Credits: 10
Lecturer: Dr. Tülin İçli
Course Objectives: Women rarely get involved in the crime in all countries and in al times.The main aim of this course is to analyse the causes of this fact.Also whether crimes committed by females aare different that of males.The causes of crimes against women and their distribution will be studied.Furthermore in the social structure of the country the explanation of crime related to gender under a different social conceptis among the goals of this course.

Course Content: In this course the crimes against women and the crimes committed by women will be studied in relation with the classic and modern theories.In social change process women crimes types and its size is changed. Nowadays, women committing more violent crimes like men.Therefore the violent crime that women involved in like homicide, serial killing will be included in the context.Likewise the most common crimes against women like domestic violence,rape and honor crimes will comprise the structure of this course. 

Teaching Methods: Reading, presentation and discussion
Assessment Method: Presentation plus midterm exam (50%) plus final exam (50%)
Succested Readings:
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