Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 744-Comparative Theories of Rural Transformation

Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Ph.D.
Year and Semester: Autumn/Spring
Course Length: One semester
Prerequisite(s): None
Language of Instruction: Turkish
Course Credits: 3 0 3
ECTS Credits: 10
Lecturer: Dr. Abdulkerim Sönmez
Course Contents: The course is organized in three parts. The first examines classical theories of rural transformation. This comprises theoretical issues raised by Marx, Lenin, Kautsky and Chayanov concerning the peasantry, peasant economy and their transformation in the process of capitalist development. Building on this examination, the second part concentrates on the principal theoretical perspectives and debates on the persistence of peasantry and simple commodity production within advanced capitalist economies and recuperation of capitalist and simple commodity production in the former state socialist societies. The third part deals with the Turkish debate on forms and paths of rural tarnsformation, consolidation and/or destabilization of petty/simple commodity production in Turkish agriculture.
Course Objectives: On completion of this course, the students develop their grasp of the theoretical approaches and issues concerning the transformation of rural structures and the present state of affairs in rural sociology to a level which enable them to design a research project leading to PhD.
Teaching Method: Lectures and classroom discussions.  
Assessment Method: Written exam (60 %), assignment (40 %).
Reading List:
Aydın, Zülküf.  (1987) “Turkish Agrarian Debate: New Arguments and Old Scores” New        Perspectives on Turkey, 1: 81-108.
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