Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 721-Contemporaray Sociological Theories

Course Type: Elective

Course Level: Ph.D.

Year and Semester: Autumn

Course Length: One Semester

Prerequisite(s): None

Language of Instruction: Turkish

Course Credits: 3 0 3

ECTS Credits: 10

Lecturer: Dr. M. Demet Ulusoy

Course Content: In this course comparative analysis of leading figures of fundamental paradigms (that of which are taught primarily to be helpful to students’ thesis studies) of contemporary sociological theories as functionalism, neo-functionalism, conflict theory, neo-Marxism, symbolic interactionism, are made.

Course Objectives: Students have the ability of comparing main themes and concepts opened into questioning in contemporary sociological theories. By finding out the conceptual models of every theoretician under consideration in the modern period of sociology history, students hereby analyze the tendencies, commonalities, novelties and differences that the given period had created.

Teaching Method: Lecturing and discussion

Assessment Method: Reports of presentations (50%) an done final report (50%)

Recommended Reading List:

Ritzer, George (1996) Modern Sociological Theory, Fourth Ed..,McGraw-Hill İnt. Edit. Part II,         93-347
Best, Shaun (2003) A Beginners Guide to Social Theory, Sage Pub. Parts  1,2,3,
Structural Functionalism
Parsons, Tallcot ‘An Outline of the Social System’ (TS: 30-79.). - 56k
Colomy, Paul ‘Jeffry C. Alexander’s Neofunctionalism’ Google
Hungtington, Samuel P. (2006), Medeniyetler Çatışması ve Dünya Düzeninin Yeniden Kurulması      Okuyan Us Yayın,
            Conflict Theory
Marx, Karl, Toplumbilimsel Yazılar: Seçme Metinler, Cem Yay. Kültür Dizisi
            Neo-Marxist Theory
Adorno, T. W. (2006) Toplum Üzerine Yazılar, Belge yay. Düşünce Dizisi.
Horkheimer, Max (1998) Akıl Tutulması, Metis yay. Tarih Toplum felsefe Dizisi
Bottomore, T. (1997) Frankfurt Okulu, Vadi yay.
Amin, Samir (1992), Emperyalizm ve Eşitsiz Gelişme ,Kaynak yay.
Wallerstein, Immanuel Bildiğimiz Dünyanın Sonu 21. Yüzyıl için sosyal Bilim, Metis yay.
            Symbolic Interactionism
Çevik, Dolunay Şenol (2006) Sembolik Etkileşim, Belvak yay.

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