Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 430-Fieldwork Studies and Applications

Type of Course: Elective
Course Credits: 2 2 3
ECTS Credits: 7
Name of Lecturer: Dr. Esra Burcu
Pre-requisite(s): SOC 403 Research Methods and Techniques II
Language of Instruction: Turkish
Year and Semester: One Semester
Course Contents:
The course is designed to initialy reevaluate the theoretical work about qualitative research methods. The course, then, introduces readings in selected literature, and guides students in choosing a field work. Moreover the course provides guidance in designing/preparing the research project, in presenting the findings/result of the project. Finally the course has students discuss the results of each project.
Objective of the Course:
At the end of the semester the students will be able to carry out a project using the qualitative method. Moreover the students will be able to write a final project report and organized a poster presentation or power point presentation.
Teaching Method: Lectures, discussions, individual or group work, poster or power point presentation.
Assessment Method: Mid-term exam (25%), a research project (25%) and  final exam (50%)
Recommended Reading:
Cole, S. (1999), Sosyolojik Düşünme Yöntemi, Vadi   Yay. Ankara, (I.Bölüm ve IV.Bölüm)
Morgan, M. (1999), Bir Çift Yürek, Dharma Yay. İstanbul
Shostak, M.  (2003), Nisa, Şahin Kaya Matb. İstanbul.
Pierce, J.E,  (2003), Bir Türk Köyünde Yaşamak, Şahin Kaya Matb., İstanbul.
Wallraff, G. En Alttakiler, (çev. O. Okkan), Milliyet Yay., İstanbul

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