Course Contents

Couse Code and Title: SOS 401-Contemporary Sociological Theories II

Course Type: Compulsory

Course Level: Undergraduate

Year and Semester: Fourth year, Autumn

Course Length: One Semester, 3 hours lectures per week

Pre-requisite(s): None

Language of Instruction: Turkish

Course Credits: 3 0 3

ECTS Credits: 6

Instructor: Dr. Nilüfer Özcan Demir

Course Contents: During the course which is the continuation of SOS 304 Contemporary Sociological Theories I given in the spring semester, the discussion of the fundamental approaches of the theories structural functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism is being continued in respect to each theory’s representative theoretician. Each theoretician is analyzed in the context of the model he/she has formed in the framework of the fundamental assumptions on the nature of individual, society and theory, during the lesson in which associated theory is discussed.

Course Objectives: By the course on Contemporary Sociological Theories, given as of the spring and Autumn semesters, the undergraduate students of Sociology department primarily have the knowledge of contemporary sociological theories and these theories’ representative theoreticians. Throughout the course, students get the comprehension of fundamental theories (that are structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction) and their theorists’ fundamental concepts and viewpoints about society and individual along with the historical period they lived in. Realizing all aspects of each theory through each theory’s representative figure, students interpret these perspectives with a comparative point of view. As a result, by means of the theoretical models of varied theories, students have the ability of making projection on the societal.

Teaching Method: Lecturing and discussion

Assessment Method: Written examination (two exams 50% and final exam (50%))

Recommended Reading:

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Wallace Ruth ve A.Wolf (2004) Çağdaş Sosyoloji Kuramları (Trans: L.Elbruz ve R.Ayas), İzmir: Punto yayıncılık
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