Course Contents

Course Code and Title: SOS 256-Sociology of Art

Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Undergraduate
Year and Semester:  Second year, Spring
Course Length: One Semester
Pre-requisite(s): None
Language of Instruction: Turkish
Course Credits: 3 0 3
ECTS Credits:  6
Instructor: Dr. M. Demet Ulusoy
Course Content: At the first stage the main reference sphere and methodology of sociology of art and fundamental approaches are discussed. In terms of the sociological perspective of art, its conceptual features; the changing position, status, meaning and role of art and of the artist in accordance with social conditions; and art qualification and aesthetic values throughout the social evolution process are scrutinized and the relationship between aesthetic values and other social institutions (as economics, politics and religion) is examined in art qualification. The problematic of art’s universality is being discussed and within this frame leading theories in literature are analyzed. At the second stage, main theoretical viewpoints on the origins and structures of art are discussed. It is specially made point of indicating that art qualification exposes an open-ended paradoxical attitude.
Course Objectives: In the course sociology of art, students ascertain that art is a social qualification not a natural object, and improve their awareness level about how artist qualification constitutes its own entity domain as a social category in every social location in connection with its relation with social processes, units and agents. Within the social context, students understand and express aesthetic values and the qualifications of art and artist comparatively.
Teaching Method: Lecturing, discussion, power-point show and screening, interview with artist(s), visiting museum 
Assessment Method: Two midterms (50%) and final exam (50%))
Recommended Reading List:
Reading List:
Demet Ulusoy (2006)Sanatın Sosyal Sınırları Ankara:Utopya Yayınları
Şaylan, Gencay (2006) Postmodernizm, İmge Kitabevi.
Arnold, Houser (1984), Sanatın Toplumsal Tarihi,  Remzi Kitabevi

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